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Shipping & Returns

There are Two Different Ways to Receive Your monkey.

First option is via Air Cargo.

This option is the most popular.

The Air Cargo option will require your monkey to be picked up at the international airport closest to you. Although the flights can be arranged as multiple stop flights, we do not recommend this way of shipping as it puts too much stress and fatigue to the monkey.

The Air Cargo has a space specially designated just for monkeys and also a place for birds. Therefore, it is safe and comfortable (air conditioned) for your new monkey. For many years, ‘Next Day Primates’ worked with Air Cargo and we have never experienced any accidents. All monkeys or birds were delivered promptly.

When all payments are finalized, the flight will be booked or if the shipping terms are free to you the buyer, an agent from the Cargo will contact you via telephone or email to confirm the flight. The agent will also inform you with the time and date of the arrival of your monkey.

Should you decide to have your monkey shipped, we will need the following information from you: 1. Full name, address, and phone number of the person picking the monkey up at the airport. 2. Two closest airports to you. We ask for two because sometimes we cannot get into your first choice airport. We always like to have back-up airports ready just in case we need to use them.

The final step is to simply pick up your monkey from the closest assigned airport.

A customer will receive the monkey within 2-3 days from the date the payment is finalized.

Second option is personal deliver.

An experienced pet expert will fly with the monkey Or You can either pick your monkey up by yourself!!

This service can be booked for the monkey to be delivered to any location. We will personally deliver the monkey to your door at your request. This option will require extra charges depending on the destination and it may take a few more hours to a day to receive your monkey.

For PayPal payments, full payment of the monkey is due to hold/purchase a monkey.

Deposit is Refundable and Transferable. Please be sure of adding the monkey as a family member before you put a deposit and make the commitment.

Why does the delivery process take about 24hrs?

– Once the payment is made, the monkey will need to get a thorough final vet check to make sure the monkey is safe to fly.

Places we deliver

– We deliver Worldwide.


Return & Refunds Policy

hope you will be pleased with your purchase from Next Day Primates, but should the the animal not meet your expectations, you may return the the animal. We will only be responsible for the cost of returning your order if there has been an error in processing your order on our part, otherwise return postage costs will need to be paid by the customer.
Please ensure the animal is returned to us in perfect condition as unforseen circumstances would negate your right to cancel or return the animal. If you wish to return the animal please follow the steps below:
Inform us by email within 14 days of receiving your animal.
Let us know your reason for returning the the animal
Let us know if you require us to refund your money or exchange your animal
Return the animal(s) in the original packaging complete with all original documentation and labels to:

The animal should be returned to us no later than 28 days from receipt by recorded delivery with insurance paid, we cannot be held responsible and offer refunds for lost or missing the animal. We will let you know by email that we have received the animal and process your return immediately. Your statutory rights are not affected. We will process your refund by the same means with which you made payment.