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Welcome to Belles Monkey Home

Belles Monkey Home has been the best day out with free-roaming monkeys for 20 years! Enjoy a unique experience amidst over 100 monkeys in our beautiful green park. A day of monkey watching is more than just fun; it is educational and can sometimes even feel familiar. After all, monkeys are closely related to us human beings. Learn more about the monkeys and yourself during your visit. Are you clever like a capuchin monkey? Are you as energetic as a spider monkey? Recognize yourself in one of the more than 4 monkey species at Belles Monkey Home! Our unique monkey park always has a surprise in store for you. Climb and clamber like a monkey in one of the many playgrounds, walk past the largest insect hotel in the world, visit the animal presentations given by the keepers, and watch.

Species of Monkeys We Keep
Spider Monkeys
Marmoset Monkeys
Capuchin Monkeys
Macaque Monkeys

We encourage you to please contact us and come through to visit our amazing facilities and to meet our Furry Family.”


Adopt a Monkey

By adopting a monkey today you will be helping to make a difference to primates worldwide. Your symbolic adoption will help us care for monkeys rescued from the pet trade, campaign to end the primate pet trade in the UK, and educate people on primate welfare, conservation and sustainable living.

Adopt a monkey today


Our adoption packs include:

  • A gorgeous cuddly toy
  • Adoption certificate
  • A postcard with a picture of one of our beautiful baby monkeys
  • A thank you letter from the Director
  • A Belles Monkey Home Lanyard
  • A Belles Monkey Home Car Sticker
  • A contribution towards Primate Conservation & Research (helping all primates to fight extinction)


Thank you Belles Monkey Home team I dealt with monkey breeders and I must say I’m really really chuffed, my capuchin is an absolute bundle of joy. I would highly recommend using Belles Monkey Home if you looking are to purchase a capuchin monkey or any other beautiful breed

Chris Hattan